Thursday, March 20, 2014


 I wrote this a few weeks ago.

I turned 29 years old on Monday. Aging is the strangest, don't you think? Although age is only a marker of time passed, there can be so much significance (or lack of significance) at different points along the way. Quite a few people let me know that 29 was one of their worst years-- thanks, guys! -- however, I couldn't help but feel the opposite for the upcoming year for myself. If how I spent my birthday is any indication of what I should expect for my 30th year, then I'm set to feel really loved this year, to work, to learn, to provide service and to be surrounded by really good people.

The day started off at 5:00am cleaning my room, reading my scriptures and just enjoying the stillness of the morning until it was time to work driving kids to school. Between answering phone calls from sweet friends and family and getting ready for the day, I studied a bit for the midterm I had later that day. On my way to school I stopped by Diddy Riese in Westwood and picked up some cookies for my classmates then aced my exam (or so I feel). From school, I picked up my friend Miriam from her work to give her a ride to my birthday dinner. Dinner was especially great. I chose Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine here in Malibu-- looks like a dive but the food is GOOD. Better than the food was the company of eight friends I love and trust. The day could only have been better if my out of town family and friends had been here.

I had always pictured myself in a much different place at age 29. I'm here now and although it's different than I ever expected, it is good. I feel very calm and at peace with how life is unfolding. So far it's been exactly what I've needed. I'm finally getting a hang of what I want and what I need and am grateful to have my needs met.

Here's to a great 30th year!


md said...

love your positive view...luvu!

Melissa Nickle, Owner of Blossom Sweet said...

I owe you a birthday dinner next time I see you! Love you.

PS don't get the flu. ;)