Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ease and Heart

On an airplane yesterday, I was seated next to a middle-aged man in a pilot uniform.  What did I do?  I asked him about being a pilot-- about his schedule, about where he flies and how long he has been flying, etc.

Last month I met a musician and solely talked about the music industry.

After both conversations, I felt like such a dud.

I know what it's like to have people constantly ask you the same basic questions over and over.  It is exhausting and completely lackluster conversation.

Sometimes I'm genuinely interested to have answers to those questions.  But, I wonder if more often than not, I take that route of conversation because it is the easy, effortless option?  Whatever the reason, does it get me to the heart of the matter? To the heart of the person? Do I even care to?

[Answer: Of course I care to get to know the heart of a person-- what makes them tick-- which is why it bothers me that I've let this happen too often recently.]

I don't want to have the easy conversations any more.  I am so much better at conversation than that!

As I was contemplating this, I had a few thoughts run through my mind: I wonder if God ever feels like that when I pray to Him about the same things? Are my prayers exhausting and lackluster to Him?  Am I really getting to know Him through my prayers?

I know God is interested in what I'm interested in.  If I need to talk about the same things or ask the same questions all the time, He's okay with it.  Are there better ways to communicate with Him? Definitely.  Yet, I believe God simply wants us to pray, to believe that He is there and to trust Him.  As we learn to communicate better with Him over time with practice, we get to the heart of the matter and we get to know Him better.


valeri said...

i love this. and i've felt like this a few times lately, about being redundant in my prayers and how much heavenly father must be face-palming at my repetitive requests and complaints. but, i know he loves us and loves even just getting to "talk" with us. this gives me the nudge to be better in saying my prayers. thanks, schiz.

md said...

I love when I can get past the fluff and talk takes boldness and trust. Bold enough to talk about the unspoken and trust for you/them to open up and that their response won't crush you or dim your spirit.