I decided to create a blog in December 2006. I sat around with a few sisters and brother on my Christmas break from college explaining what exactly a blog was and trying to come up with a good blogspot address. 

I wanted something unique.
I wanted something that had meaning-- something I was attached to.
I wanted something that wouldn't need to be changed when this blog someday incorporates a husband and family of mine. 

The Price of Rice in China.

Like many families, my family has certain family phrases or quotes. You know-- the phrases that are repeated over and over-- some understandable by outsiders, others only your family members can make sense of or laugh at no matter how much you attempt to explain them. "How's the price of rice in China?" my Dad often asked. 

It was unique. 
It had meaning because it was one of my Dad's phrases and he had passed away in 2000.
It wouldn't need to be changed because it's silly, yet meaningful, nonsense. 

I entered the blog address and never looked back.